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Dear Friend,

Are you like millions of other people?

  •  James Ehrlich, MD Founder of MyPreventionDoc.com Experts in the early detection and prevention of disease

    James Ehrlich, MD
    Expert in the early detection and prevention of disease

    I have high cholesterol… and would like to lower it naturally

  • My waistline is expanding… and I’d like a slimmer tummy
  • My doctor has diagnosed me with pre-diabetes (metabolic syndrome)… and I’d like one pill to address this.
  • I can’t tolerate statin drugs… and I would like a natural alternative that doesn’t lower Coenzyme Q
  • I want to lower my dose of statins… and still get great cholesterol lowering
  • I have a high blood sugar level… and I’d like to lower it gently
  • I am preventive oriented… and would like a safe and proven product to improve artery health
  • I’m an active guy… and would love to improve sexual performance naturally
  • My doctor wants me on statins… and we would like higher good cholesterol (HDL) and lower triglycerides

If your answer to any one of these question is YES, then keep reading to learn more about the most amazing product I’ve seen in a long time.



Like You, I Feared What Would Happen If I Didn’t Improve My Health


a picture of a man with high cholesterol and metabolic syndrome getting a blood pressure test

High cholesterol and metabolic syndrome

If you’re like me and 80 million Americans, you’ve struggled to overcome high cholesterol and  metabolic syndrome… including high blood pressure, elevated blood sugar and an expanding waist line.

I also have a bad family history (brother and father) of early heart disease…  I have been very worried. So, like many of my patients, I have been taking a daily statin cholesterol drug, a blood pressure pill, eating better and exercising more – all very important things to do.

When Dr. Ross Walker, an eminent preventive cardiologist, urged me to review the scientific studies and international conference involving bergamot,  I was intrigued.

He then introduced me to the company that makes the ONLY product effective enough to be approved by the Academy of Bergamotto in Calabria, Italy…  BergaMet.

For the past year, I have been taking BergaMet Mega, an incredible all natural supplement twice per day before meals and it has allowed me to dramatically lower my medication doses.

My cholesterol has never been better and I’ve even lost a few pounds!  All this from a fruit grown in only one part of the world.

“It is my opinion that BergaMet Mega is the most important natural substance for the prevention and management of cardiovascular disease that has been available over the past thirty to fifty years.”

Cardiologist Ross Walker, MD (2000 patients on BergaMet)
It’s Not Your Fault

If you’re struggling to lower your cholesterol, control your blood pressure, or just lose a little weight, you’re not alone.  Here are some pretty sobering statistics:

  • Metabolic syndrome (pre-diabetes) is the “epidemic of the 21st century.”  It affects over 75 million Americans and many 100’s of millions worldwide
  • Elevated cholesterol affects over 100 million Americans
  • Elevated blood sugar including diabetes affects more than 50 million Americans
  • Millions of Americans are obese (BMI of 30 or greater) or overweight (BMI >25)
  • Fatty liver disease, the most common liver disease in the world, affects the same population that has metabolic syndrome

We’re bombarded every day with advertisements for artery clogging waistline expanding foods. It’s hard for most of us to avoid eating those foods because their so accessible and taste so GOOD!

I wish I could say I exercise total control over my diet and exercise habits, but I don’t.  Even though I’m a doctor, I’m still a human being.  I love to eat and, as we all know, exercise can be hard to fit in with out busy schedules..

Admittedly, my diet and exercise choices have improved. I eat better and exercise more. I also take an incredible all natural supplement made from a special orange grown in Calabria Italy. And, it’s only these Calabrian-grown bergamot oranges that produce the results I’m about to share with you.

It’s really sad that most people haven’t had an opportunity to access this incredible supplement – with no known side effects. That is, up until now…

Introducing…  BergaMet

A picture of The Bergamot FruitBergaMet is made from bergamot, which is a citrus orange that is native to the Calabrian region in Southern Italy and is probably the most anti-oxidant rich fruit on the planet.

Bergamot was known for decades as a “miracle fruit” with all sorts of benefits for healthy arteries, for inflammation, pain, etc.  For many years, the polyphenol rich pulp/albedo was discarded and only the peel was used as an essence or oil (Earl Gray Tea, perfumes) …until cardiologists Dr. Vincenzo Mollace and his team of scientists at the University of Catanzaro re-discovered the amazing value of the antioxidant rich BPF bioflavonoids in the bergamot orange…. and created BergaMet.

BergaMet – A product that promotes lower cholesterol, healthy blood sugar levels, healthy weight loss, healthier blood vessels, lower blood pressure, better sexual function in men and it addresses ALL the components of pre-diabetes, the “epidemic of the 21st century”

BergaMet is absolutely loaded with powerful natural anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory nutrients and “citrus polyphenols”, some of which are UNIQUE to the bergamot fruit.

“I believe that Citrus Bergamot with 38% polyphenol content (BergaMet) is one of the most exciting and important supplements to come along in years. It has an almost drug-like effect with not a single side effect, unless you count as “side effects” lowered triglycerides, lowered blood sugar, lowered blood pressure and an improved cholesterol profile. Together with a low starch and sugar diet, I can’t think of a better first line treatment for Metabolic Syndrome.”
Jonny Bowden – The Rogue Nutritionist
Sure, BergaMet Sounds Great, But Why Should You Listen To Dr. James Ehrlich?
James Ehrlich, MD - The Early Prevention Doc

James Ehrlich, MD Clinical Associate Professor and Founder, MyPreventionDoc

James Ehrlich, MD, the “early detection doc,” has developed centers which have done cardiovascular screening in over 50,000 Americans in 4 US cities.

He co-directs 2 courses (“Breakthroughs in Preventive Medicine”) each year for physicians. He is a task force member of SHAPE (Screening for Heart Attack Prevention and Eradication) and a co-founder of 2 cardiac imaging societies. Most of his publications involve the tracking of atherosclerosis in patients with insulin resistant states like diabetes.

In June 2013, he traveled to Calabria, Italy to receive the Ambassador of Bergamotto Research award at the Museum of Bergamotto.

A former chief medical officer of a leading cardiodiagnostic laboratory, he has served on the clinical faculty of 2 medical schools.

He is now an associate clinical professor in the division of endocrinology of a major medical school.  He graduated with honors from Boston University School of Medicine in 1976.

Dr. Ehrlich Says:

“BergaMet is the only product I have encountered that can SAFELY do the following…”


  • Lower Cholesterol
  • Promote healthy blood sugar levels
  • Decrease dangerous abdominal fat and promote weight loss
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Address ALL metabolic syndrome risk factors
  • Helps lower risk factors for people who cannot take statins
  • Improve vessel health
  • Address fatty liver problems
  • Improve erectile performance


Three Categories of People that Should Consider BergaMet – Are You One of Them?

CATEGORY #1:  “I have 2 or more of these Risk factors”

Do you have these risk factors?

CATEGORY #2:  “My doctor has diagnosed me with pre-diabetes, insulin resistance or the metabolic syndrome”

CATEGORY #3:  “I have elevated cholesterol, but have side effects with statin drugs, want to reduce the dose of statins or refuse to be on cholesterol medications altogether”


Does BergaMet Work for “Real” People?

While it’s impossible to say that BergaMet can cure all the world’s problems, we do have ample clinical studies and testimonials from patients who have used BergaMet to tell us that there’s a good chance it can improve your quality life.

Below are just a few of the many patients who have benefited from BergaMet.

John and Anita Rose

John and Anita Rose before taking BergaMetJohn and Anita Rose after taking BergaMetBack in 2010, I tipped the scales at 390lbs, my health was suffering and I knew things had to change.

I had type2 diabetes and high blood Pressure. I changed my lifestyle and started exercising, just walking at first. Over the next 2years I lost 90lbs.

Last year I meet with Dr. Ross Walker and he asked me to start taking BergaMet, the results nothing short of spectacular and in the next 6 months I lost another 90lbs.

What is even more astounding is how good I feel as a result. My wife and I have been on a similar programme and she has lose 120lbs.  I am 40 and feel as fit and energetic as when I was 21.

I would thoroughly recommend BergaMet for anyone who is looking to lose weight and improve their health and energy levels. I am not sure if there is a wonder drug out there but this would be closest I have seen.  I am living proof.

– John and Anita Rose – Brisbane, Australia  

David Pryor

BergaMet help David Pryor lose weight I began taking BergaMet Mega just after my colleague Dr. Ross Walker began advertising it on our Healthy Living show on Radio 2UE.

It wasn’t long before I began to see results, after cutting down on meal portions and taking BergaMet ahead of main meals of the day, two per day as suggested.  Over the past six months I have lost 55lbs, and I feel fantastic.

I have even had to go out to by smaller clothing sizes.  It has lowered my cholesterol and had great effects on my waist size.

I highly recommend BergaMet and suggest if you too are wanting to lose belly fat and lower your cholesterol to give it a try.

– David Pryor, producer of Dr. Walker’s radio show in Australia

Savit Pookapun

BergaMet helped Savit Pookapun lose weightMy name is Savit Pookapun and I began taking BergaMet after hearing about the product on the healthy Living Programme.  When I began at Xmas 2011 I was 215lbs but was soon down to 180lbs my best by june-july 2012.

I had been on statins but have since quit with amazing results with my cholesterol levels.  I’m currently 182lbs – so 6 months on , I am still controlling my weight with BergaMet , and my blood test results have been outstanding.

I recommend BergaMet to all my friends.

– Savit Pookapun


James Aritonovic

James Aritonovic - Endorses BergaMet 11 years ago I had a heart attack with 100% right coronary blocked artery; I had a stent put in and prescribed Lipitor, Tritace, Noten and Plavix.

Over the subsequent years I still suffered from high triglycerides and also abnormally high liver function (fatty liver) with my GGT at over 400 for an extended period. I tried lots of natural pills, red rice etc…  I heard about BergaMet and started taking it approximately 9 months ago, to my amazement and my doctors, my triglycerides have lowered by a massive 40% and my liver function GGT has decreased to 244.

Family and friends have all commented that I look healthier with my constant red face gone.

Do I recommend BergaMet?  You betcha, it works and nothing on the market comes close, my whole inner family ,wife, brothers , sisters are all on it as they have all had similar problems with high triglycerides etc. and they can’t stop raving about it.

– James Aritonovic

Jonny Bowden – “The Rogue Nutritionist”

Jonny Bowden endorses BergaMetI believe that Citrus Bergamot with 38% polyphenol content (BergaMet) is one of the most exciting and important supplements to come along in years.

It has an almost drug-like effect with not a single side effect, unless you count as “side effects” lowered triglycerides, lowered blood sugar, lowered blood pressure and an improved cholesterol profile.

Together with a low starch and sugar diet, I can’t think of a better first line treatment for Metabolic Syndrome.

– Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS aka “The Rogue Nutritionist”(TM) is the best-selling author of “The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth”, “Living Low Carb” and “The Great Cholesterol Myth” Jonny is part of the Editorial Advisory Board (emeritus) for Men’s Health Magazine and a columnist for Clean Eating, Better Nutrition, Amazing Wellness.

Fred Grover, MD

Fred Grover Endorses BergaMetI’ve seen impressive results with Bergamet Pro in lowering LDL in my patients, and in improving fasting glucose.  Many benefit from weight loss with it as well.

It is a excellent natural monotherapy for hyperlipidemia in many, but can also be used in combination with other lipid lowering medications, diet and lifestyle changes for improved results.

– Fred Grover Jr. M.D. FAAFP Integrative, Functional, Anti-Aging and Wellness-Oriented Primary Care


BergaMet Can Help You Like It Has 1000’s Worldwide
All Natural – Clinically Tested – No Known Side Effects
Map of Calabria Italy where the bergamot orage is grown.

Calabria Region

I bet some of you are saying this sounds too good to be true?

Well, the Italians in Calabria have known about Bergamot for generations and recently the University of Rome ran extensive clinical trials to prove the effectiveness of this wonderful bergamot extract.

The bergamot fruit is endemic to the Calabrian region in Southern Italy.  In fact this region accounts for 80% of the worldwide production.

Bergamot was known through traditional use of the fruit in Calabrian regions for decades as having beneficial effect in counteracting the excess fat in patients with artherosclerosis vascular disease (hardening of the arteries).

Bergamot differs from other citrus fruits not only because of the composition of it’s antioxidant flavonoids, but because of their particularly high content.

These flavonoids possess a structure similar to the pharmaceutical statins and exhibit statin like properties without the side effects.

A double blind placebo clinical trial conducted at the Dept of Cardiology of the University of Rome “Tor Vergata” and at the Vascular Medicine and Artherosclerosis Unit Cardiology, Villa Salus Medical Center, Marinella on 238 patients produced the following data:

  • Bergamot could be an effective nutriceutical approach to prevent artherosclerosos in patients.
  • Bergamot contributes to lowering plasma cholesterol and lipids in patients, in a range of potency comparable with currently used hypolipidemic drugs such as statins.
  • Bergamot reduces blood glucose by 15%-23% thus offering an alternative approach to control the pre-diabetic states in patients with metabolic syndrome.
  • Bergamot efficiently lowered Total Cholesterol and LDL (bad cholesterol), without inducing any side effects.

This suggests that BergaMet offers a safe alternative therapeutic strategy in combating hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol) in patients suffering from statins toxicity.

Statins unfortunately deplete the production of CoQ10.  Bergamot lowers cholesterol levels without affecting CoQ10 production.

As you get older, your body’s CoQ10 poduction slows down and less of it is stored in reserve.  CoQ10 is an essential cofactor for energy production in your body and your heart requires especially high levels of it.

It is this depletion of CoQ10 that causes muscle fatigue in many people taking statins.


Picture of a bottle of BergaMet and several brands of statins.  The question is should you use BergaMet or Statins?  Or, maybe both?


I now take BergaMet before meals twice each day and statins twice each week…. my cholesterol levels have never been better and I have lost a modest amount of weight (5 pounds and an inch off my waistline).
James Ehrlich, MD
  • If your doctor advises you to be on statin medications, BergaMet may lower cholesterol even further while keeping blood sugar in check.
  • If you do not tolerate cholesterol drugs, have side effects or refuse to be on statins, speak with your doctor about BergaMet. No side effects have been reported.
  • Under a physician guidance, statins can sometimes be at lower dose or frequency while on BergaMet.
  • If you have diabetes, BergaMet and some diabetes medications may lower blood sugar too much. Always work with your doctor.


Physician Recommended
James Ehrlich, MD - The Early Prevention Doc

James Ehrlich, MD recommends BergaMet

  • I am proud to be the first U.S. physician chosen to make BergaMet available. In my opinion, BergaMet can make a huge difference in your overall health. BEGIN BERGAMET TODAY !!
  • Sadly, metabolic syndrome is rising to an alarming level—even in teenagers. It is indeed the new pathway Americans are taking towards a future of heart disease, stroke and diabetes—but it CAN BE ADDRESSED!
  • Begin with better lifestyle choices (nutrition and exercise) and follow your doctor’s advice on medications.
Please note:  “I believe BergaMet can be a useful adjunct to promote good health along with a sensible diet and adequate exercise. BergaMet is a supplement and is not intended to prevent, cure, treat or diagnose any disease. My general advice does not necessarily represent the position of the manufacturer nor is a substitute for your own doctor’s recommendations. Always consult your physician.”

– James Ehrlich, MD

How Does BergaMet Compare to “Other” (Inferior) Bergamot Supplements

There are NO other products on the market that use nearly the same concentration of polyphenols…  only BergaMet can produce the results shown in clinical studies.

Here is Mr. Selwyn Barr, CEO of NatHealth Solutions discussing the product at a medical conference. NatHealth Solutions exclusively works with the scientists in Italy to distribute BergaMet…



Don’t Be Fooled By Cheap Imitations!

BergaMet is the ONLY product based on the most up to date and ongoing research of Professor Mollace and his team of scientists at the University of Catanzaro.  The group publishes regularly and has developed international conferences involving Bergamot science.  No other bergamot polyphenol extract product is as potent or effective.

Logo for the Accademia Del BergamottoBergaMet is the ONLY bergamot polyphenol OFFICIALLY APPROVED by the prestigious Accademia del Bergamotto because it has been extensively tested.

The research by Dr. Mollace’s group is only conducted using an extract containing at least 38% Bergamot Polyphenols (BPF Extract) from a particular region in Calabria, Italy.

The BPF extract is obtained using a patented extraction process with a patented application. The patents are held by an Italian company, who has granted an exclusive worldwide license (excluding Italy) to NathealthSolutions Pty Ltd. Nathealth has appointed various exclusive distributors including Calabrian Citrus Bergamot Limited in Europe and Asia.

The continued research has shown that there are certain requirements needed in a bergamot product, to address Western lifestyle and diet. These are:

  • a minimum of 38% polyphenols
  • the right dosing schedule for treating high cholesterol, in at least 90% of patients, is 1200-1500 mg/day

A picture of Professor Vincenzo Mollace, MD, PhDThere are other products out there but none of these work in association with my work and Dr Ross Walker’s and do not follow our continued research.  These other products have a much lower content of bergamot and significantly lower polyphenols.  This makes a considerable difference to their effect.  Most are recommending well below the required dose.

Only NatHealthSolutions has access to the Bergamot extract from Calabria.  Companies may be sourcing an extract from other areas outside of Calabria, and therefore have no relation to my research.

I tried many sources of Bergamot but found it was ONLY Calabrian Citrus Bergamot that had the unique polyphenols that are necessary to reduce cholesterol, blood glucose and treat metabolic syndrome and which are shown and are continued to be shown in our research.

– Professor Vincenzo Mollace, MD, PhD

Here’s What Experts Think About BergaMet
“The best natural option we have for lowering cholesterol is this new product from Italy called BergaMet.”
Dr. Ross Walker, MD

Dr. Ross Walker, cardiologist, best selling author, radio talk show host and lecturer, Sydney, Australia

Dr. Walker has lectured at the International Conference that focused on bergamot, has reviewed the science in great detail and now has 2000 patients on BergaMet. Here he discusses his experience with BergaMET

“I’ve seen impressive results with Bergamet Pro in lowering LDL in my patients, and in improving fasting glucose.  Many benefit from weight loss with it as well.  It is a excellent natural monotherapy for hyperlipidemia in many, but can also be used in combination with other lipid lowering medications, diet and lifestyle changes for improved results.”
Fred Grover Jr. M.D. FAAFP Integrative, Functional, Anti-Aging and Wellness-Oriented Primary Care
“I believe that Citrus Bergamot with 38% polyphenol content (BergaMet) is one of the most exciting and important supplements to come along in years.  It has an almost drug-like effect with not a single side effect, unless you count as “side effects” lowered triglycerides, lowered blood sugar, lowered blood pressure and an improved cholesterol profile.  Together with a low starch and sugar diet, I can’t think of a better first line treatment for Metabolic Syndrome.”
Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS aka The Rogue Nutritionist(TM) is the best-selling author of The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth, Living Low Carb and The Great Cholesterol Myth. Jonny is part of the Editorial Advisory Board (emeritus) for Men's Health Magazine and a columnist for Clean Eating, Better Nutrition, Amazing Wellness.
Citrus Bergamot Extract 38%
What is it, and how does it work?


Bergamot (Citrus Bergamot Extract 38%) was known through traditional use of the fruit in the Calabrian region for decades as having beneficial effect in supporting and promoting cardiovascular health.

Bergamot juice differs from other citrus fruits because it contains exceptionally large amounts of several unique polyphenols. The juice is extracted, concentrated, and standardised in tablet form, it dramatically lowers triglycerides and LDL cholesterol, raises protective HDL, helps control blood sugar, and improves overall arterial function and cardiovascular health.

Two Bergamot (Citrus Bergamot Extract 38%) polyphenols, bruteridin and melitidin, do work on the same pathway as a statin, but at a different site, and in a gentler manner, so CoQ10 synthesis is not affected and the side effects of statins are avoided.

Studies show no reduction in CoQ10 levels in animals taking Bergamot (Citrus Bergamot Extract 38%).  Patients unable to tolerate statins due to muscle pain, fatigue and/or liver problems tolerated Bergamot well.

Citrus Bergamot Extract 38% | Cardiovascular health

Lipid levels are just one aspect of cardiovascular health.  Bergamot (Citrus Bergamot Extract 38%) polyphenols are also very potent antioxidants that protect against free radical damage throughout the body, including the all- important vascular endothelium.

Citrus Bergamot Extract 38% | demonstrated

The condition and function of the endothelium—the thin layer of cells lining the blood vessels—is perhaps the most important determinant of cardiovascular health as it is intimately involved in vasoconstriction/dilation and thus blood pressure, inflammation, blood clotting, and the formation of new blood vessels.

Polyphenol-rich bergamot extract has been demonstrated to counter oxidative stress and suppress inflammation in endothelial cells, inhibit plaque formation, and improve arterial responsiveness.

Citrus Bergamot Extract 38%

Finally, bergamot (Citrus Bergamot Extract 38%) ameliorates multiple aspects of metabolic syndrome. Tens of millions of Americans are suffering with metabolic syndrome—the precursor to type 2 diabetes—and if you have abdominal fat, hypertension, abnormal lipids, and/or borderline high blood sugar, you’re likely one of them.

Bergamot (Citrus Bergamot Extract 38%) is positioned to become a first-line therapy for individuals with metabolic syndrome. In addition to its positive effects on cardiovascular risk factors, this extract also activates AMPK. AMPK is a central regulator of energy and is thus involved in glucose and fatty acid metabolism.

“Turning on” AMPK improves insulin sensitivity, promotes glucose uptake in cells, and suppresses the synthesis of glucose in the liver, thus lowering blood sugar. It also stimulates the burning of free fatty acids and facilitates weight control.


Question:  What’s Your Health Worth to You and Your Family?
PLEASE NOTE — BergaMet is in incredibly LIMITED SUPPLY… 80 million Americans could benefit…sadly, there is only enough for 1 out of 1000.


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